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About Us

Ixchel is a brand of accessories, exclusive designs and unique artisan pieces, handmade in different regions of Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

They are products embroidered and woven by hand with different techniques, which are presented as an enormous possibility of growth and international positioning.

Each piece is carefully crafted to make it unique and unrepeatable. They are true works of art that represent lands of beautiful diversity and cultural richness.

Our mission is to enhance the workforce of Latin American artisans to empower their work, and immortalize their techniques, inherited from their ancestors.

By exposing our artisan products to the world, we not only enhance the cultural richness of every country we work with, but we can ensure that our artisans maintain their livelihoods by respecting and protecting their own cultural practices.

Many of our items represent the sole means of income for artisans and others in their communities.

Ixchel strives to uphold cultural respect and social responsibility.

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